Monday, 10 June 2013

Hospital visit and a visit from a robin red breast

Its been a day of 3 parts. Been to my dads allotment first this morning which was good the picked up freya fron school we had lunch then went over to out allotment. Freya was the biggest help ever and i am very proud of her. While she was digging holes to plant turnips an red breast flew down within a few inches of her. She gave the biggest smile asked how he was and she carried on digging while the robin tackled a worm far to big for him. Then he turned and flew away. It was like a scene from a disney film. We had a good time and then went home for tea.

I am now in the hospital for a scan to work out why i have so many lumps and bumps in my sholder.

I am very tierd but my mental health is doing well considering!!

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