Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Better today

I am feeling much better today i woke up in a bad mood but that was due to a idiot yesterday and not anything mental health related. My ankle is feeling good so hopefully will have me playing well for the season. I am really looking forward to getting back to hockey at the end of argust. Its going to be a good season for Golborne if not not the pitch then in the bar. I have some relly good Ideas about a spoof hockey skit comedy thing to get on youtube next season to help promote the club. Also going to start a new blog for the team and give everyone access to it so we can get out there a bit.

I was down yesterday and had been for a week but today i am feeling capable i would not say happy as such but defintly capable again i have to that Pennine care NHS trust for the skill and processes they helpped me put in place (Thanks Kat). The last 4/5 days have been bad. but i think i am on the other side. I am looking forward to the weekend and in a month i have a holiday booked. The bulb on the light at the end of the tunnel has been changed so i can now firmly see where i am heading.

Went to the allotment with freya and made a Vlog about it and freya said she wanted to do one  to so there it is and as you can see a star is quite definitly born.

I have realised that i dont do well if i am not busy and keeping busy means  have to plan. My diary is quite full but if i get a couple of days with nothing then i get quite bad. I think i need to work on being ok with my own company.

Well thats me for now thanks for reading and dont forgett to subscribe or not its up to you

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