Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Its all going down in Egypt. So the people took to the streets and the army backed them. Why? Are they trying to maintain power for themselves or was it to ensure the people got to have there say on how the government is run.

Could this happen anywhere else in the world? Could it happen in the west? In Europe? In the UK?

Do we live in a free and fair ddemocracy or are we ruled by a political class who are trying to maintain the divide between the classes. Not just the current government but all the political partys? The people of the UK are not engaged enough with politics as a whole.

Life is political. Everything we do or decide stems from political debate and legislation?

I am aware that the UK is a long way from revolution or civil war and that is great. Is our democratic model flexible enough to ensure that our voices are heard. We seem to forget that they work for us.

I don't know what changes are needed but i have some ideas that i will share at some point.

Well that was political but it was burning to get out i will look at writing something more indepth at some point.

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